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Upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday
Product: MOM, SiteLINK

Freestyle Solutions will be closed on Thursday, November 23rd for the Thanksgiving Holiday. A reduced Support Service will be available on Friday, November 24th from 9am to 5:30p Eastern.

If you are a M.O.M. Platinum Support customer and unable to process orders or a SiteLINK customer and your site is down, please call Technical Support at 973-237-0300 and emergency personnel will be notified via a pager service. For all other inquiries, please contact Freestyle Solutions on Monday, November 27th.

Additionally, we offer a wide variety of support options beyond calling or emailing for support. Such as Support via built-in "Help" within M.O.M. and within our content rich Knowledgebase, filled with articles and videos. The Knowledgebase also contains program updates, shipping updates and miscellaneous utilities and is always accessible with a valid support contract.

Check out our Support Portal as well, there you will find Announcements, program updates, webinars, Trending issues.

UPS annouces that they will no longer support the current version of UPS Link after 12/31/2017
Product: MOM, SiteLINK

UPS have recently announced that they will no longer support the current version of UPS Link after 12/31/2017. UPS Link is the technology embedded in MOM and other applications for shipping via UPS. Because of the discontinuance of support for the current version of UPS Link the end of day process of uploading the PLD to UPS for billing will no longer function. This will cause billing to be inaccurate and any negotiated rates will not be applied.

Freestyle has addressed this issue by incorporating a new shipping service into MOM versions 9 and 10. To continue to use UPS without any disruption or billing issues please sign up for the new MOM Shipping Service powered by Shippo. This new service not only provides you with access to your existing UPS services but also adds new features not previously available in M.O.M., including access to additional carriers plus the ability to rate shop - all through a single integration in M.O.M. with no additional software or hardware to install. Plus it is free, there are no additional fees to use the Shippo service.

You can run UPS Link and Shippo in parallel until you are comfortable with the workflow and processes. Just be sure to complete your signup and testing before the year-end change from UPS. It is a simple and easy sign-up process and our technical team will be available to walk you through the process.

Contact us today at MOMShippingSignup@freestylesolutions.com to get started on the process
The Latest ACVM Update is now available: Current ACVM data Expires 09/28/17
Product: MOM, SiteLINK

Hello Freestyle Solutions Customers,

The latest Address Correction and Validation Module (ACVM) data is available for download.

Please download and install the latest ACVM data before September 28th, 2017.

The latest ACVM data is valid until January 28th, 2018

We've attached the ACVM Download and Installation Guide for reference .

ACVM updates via dvd are no longer being provided.
Please proceed to download the latest ACVM update by following the attached pdf.


M.O.M Support Team

P.S. If you need help with ACVM please check out our knowledge base article below.

Hurricane Irma MOM Support Outreach
Product: MOM, SiteLINK

To our customers in the path of the fast approaching Hurricane Irma, our Freestyle Solutions team would like to extend our support to your M.O.M. operations.

Please let us know, if you need assistance in preparing your operations with back-up and storage of data during these difficult times, or if you may need our help to reestablish business operations at a later date .

Feel free to contact  Freestyle Solutions Support at:
Phone: 973-237-0300
M.O.M. Support: MOMSupport@freestylesolutions.com

Hurricane Harvey M.O.M. Support Outreach
Product: MOM

On behalf of the team at Freestyle Solutions,
We offer our hearts and support to the communities and customers affected by Hurricane Harvey.

To our customers in the areas affected, we would like to extend our support to your M.O.M. operations.

Please let us know, if you need assistance in preparing your operations with back-up and storage of data during these difficult times, or if you may need our help to reestablish business operations at a later date.

Feel free to contact  Freestyle Solutions Support at:
Phone: 973-237-0300
M.O.M. Support: MOMSupport@freestylesolutions.com

Upcoming M.O.M. & SiteLINK Support Webinar Series Schedule
Product: MOM, SiteLINK

Please join us as we offer a series of Support Webinars in preparation for the 2017 Busy Season.
Check out the Schedule of webinars.  If you don't see  topics you are interested in, click here .
*Schedule is subject to change. Keep checking the page for any changes.

8/31/2017 BIG PICTURE M.O.M. setup before the Busy Season 1:00pm EDT-2:00pm EDT
9/7/2017 ACVM and Program updates 1:00pm EDT-2:00pm EDT
9/14/2017 Credit Card Processing 1:00pm EDT-2:00pm EDT
9/21/2017 M.O.M. Workstation Installs 1:00pm EDT-2:00pm EDT
9/28/2017 M.O.M. Common Errors 1:00pm EDT-2:00pm EDT
10/5/2017 M.O.M. Busy Season Prep 1:00pm EDT-2:00pm EDT
10/12/2017 SiteLINK 1:00pm EDT-2:00pm EDT
10/19/2017 All about Maintenance in M.O.M. 1:00pm EDT-2:00pm EDT
10/26/2017 M.O.M. Open Forum 1:00pm EDT-2:00pm EDT
11/2/2017 SiteLINK 1:00pm EDT-2:00pm EDT
11/9/2017 M.O.M. Busy Season Prep 1:00pm EDT-2:00pm EDT
11/16/2017 Support for M.O.M. & SiteLINK 1:00pm EDT-2:00pm EDT
Authorize.Net - Virtual Point of Sale VPOS Partial Outage
Product: MOM, SiteLINK

Authorize.Net is reporting Virtual Point Of Sale (VPOS) Partial Outage

Initial Posting:
Authorize.Net  reported on Apr 25, 2017 -  08:48 EDT/ 05:48 PDT a partial outage that is affecting Virtual Point Of Sale (VPOS). An investigation is underway.

As of Apr 25, 2017 - 09:47 EDT/06:47 PDT. Currently still troubleshooting the issue with the Virtual Point Of Sale (VPOS).

 As of Apr 25, 2017 - 10:14 EDT/ 07:14 PDT, implemented a resolution for the Virtual Point Of Sale (VPOS) and are monitoring to make sure the issue is resolved.

As of Apr 25, 2017 - 10:43 EDT/07:43 PDT,  The issue affecting Virtual Point Of Sale (VPOS) has now been resolved. If you have further questions, please contact  Authorize.Net Customer Support.

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Incident Report for Authorize.Net

M.O.M. Program Updates are now available
Product: MOM, SiteLINK

Dear Customer,    

M.O.M. update for March is now available for download from the Support Section of our website!

Included in this incremental Patch Release are listed below:

    * [Improvement] Support for Master Card 2-series cards.
    * [Improvement] HTTPS option on a single product publish.
    * [Fix] Resolved UPS Residential and Aircharges are no longer added twice.
    * [Fix] Resolved Error 12 variable lo_select in list status pending screen.
    * [Fix] Resolved Remember last look up issue on stock form reports.
    * [Fix] Resolved Invalid password issue when using save as option.
    * [Fix] Resolved Missing descriptions on report filters.
    * [Fix] Resolved Amazon tax import.

For the full list of the Patch Release, please visit release notes below.


We're available at 973-237-0300 to answer your questions and/or to provide help.

Thank you,

M.O.M. Support Team
momsupport@freestylesolutions.com  .

Busy Season Maintenance Cheat Sheet
Product: MOM, SiteLINK

Dear Customer,

As the Busy Season ramps up, Maintenance of the M.O.M. Application and Databases will become Essential to ensure all systems are

running Efficiently and System Downs are Avoided or Minimized.  

We have compiled the most common maintenance related topics from our knowledge base articles/webinars and created the

Maintenance Cheat Sheet.

Database Maintenance
M.O.M. Maintenance
  • Reindex - Reindexing will optimize the performance of the M.O.M. application. 
  • Workstation Installs - One of the most common calls to support is installing/reinstalling workstations during busy season. 
    • Reasons for workstations installs:
      • New / Seasonal Employees
      • Permission Issues on Computer ( Windows 7 and Up ) 
      • SQL User Setup 
      • New/Upgraded Computer
    • Check out this webinar for all you need to know About Workstation Install
  • Program Updates - How to apply program updates in M.O.M. and more !
  • ACVM - Learn how to Install , Maintain and Troubleshoot ACVM. (Address Correction & Validation Module)
  • Shipping Rate Update - Before starting your busy season make sure to update M.O.M. with the latest shipping rates (UPS,FedEx,USPS)

Did you miss any of our previous Busy Season Prep tips & tricks?

Authorize.Net Update - Important Resubmitted Transaction Issue Information
Product: MOM, SiteLINK

Here is the latest update from Authroize.Net regading the resubmitted transaction issues since October 17, 2016.

Dear Authorize.Net Partner:

This email is to follow up on our previous emails about the resubmitted transactions issue.

As we have communicated earlier, the resubmitting of previously settled transactions is no longer occurring. We are resolving the resubmitted transactions through two approaches; reversal of transactions at the processor level and Authorize.Net-generated refunds. Further information and updates regarding the resolution will continue to be provided via the Authorize.Net Support Center.

As we previously advised, please tell your merchants to not generate a customer refund outside of the Authorize.Net system as this may complicate and prolong the refund and resolution process.

Please continue to check this page for the latest information and questions you may have regarding this issue.

Support Center

If you have any questions regarding this email, please contact support.


PayPal says some customers unable to make payments due to cyber attack on Dyn
Product: MOM, SiteLINK

Dear Customer,
We have been informed that Paypal is experiencing service interruptions.
Provided below is a notice from their site:

"As a customer of Dyn Inc., PayPal is experiencing brief interruptions in service. This has prevented some of our customers from being able to pay with PayPal in certain regions. PayPal was not attacked directly, nor were any of our core services to business impacted in the disruption. We are sorry for the inconvenience, and remain committed to giving our customers around the world trusted and reliable ways to manage and move their money."

Check out the announcement on 
PayPals site for clients to check status and this announcement is provided here  https://www.paypal.com/us/selfhelp/home
also provided are links to an article on The Next Web site reporting the issue and Dyn, Inc incident site

The Next Web page  https://www.google.com/amp/thenextweb.com/security/2016/10/21/massive-ddos-attack-dyn-dns-causing-havoc-online/%3famp=1

Dyn, Inc's incident page  https://www.dynstatus.com/incidents/nlr4yrr162t8

Master gift orders in less than 20 minutes
Product: MOM, SiteLINK

This email is part of our  Busy Season Prep series, where you'll be receiving a variety of handy advice & tips for preparing MOM for the busy season.

Every now and then we like to highlight a video from our archives when we think it will be useful.

Re-introducing... Managing Holiday Orders.

In 18 minutes, Paul Mendelsohn discusses:

  • How to create simple gift orders
  • Handling gift orders for multiple recipients
  • Scheduling different days to send out your gift items
  • Choosing different shipping methods for your line items, in case you have a single order whose items need to go out at different times
  • How to generate and send out gift reorder notices to anyone who's placed a gift order with you before
  • How to print gift messages & greetings on packing slips or shipping labels

Download this video at any time here  *
(Log in using your license # and zip code)

Even though we originally created this video for MOM v8 (and it was before our company name change), the steps are 100% applicable to newer versions of MOM.


MOM Support Team

* In case the link is not working correctly, copy & paste the following URL into your favorite web browser: http://dydacomp.host4kb.com/article/AA-00810

Fedex Ship Manager Server Version 15 Now Available.
Product: MOM
Click here to get more details.

FedEx Ship Manager Server version 15 is now Available with the latest program update for the following M.O.M. versions:

  • M.O.M. 8.05
  • M.O.M. 9 
  • M.O.M. 10

FedEx SMS 15 Intelligent Mail Package Barcode (IMPB) now complies with USPS requirement.

This now allows the use of FedEx SmartPost with your M.O.M. System.   

To get started please contact your FedEx rep to assist with the installation of FedEx SMS 15.

Need further assistance with the installation? 

  • Refer to the attached Setup and Daily Use document.
  • Contact our support team.

M.O.M. Support Team

Busy Season Prep series: Big Picture MOM Setup Before A Busy Season
Product: MOM, SiteLINK

Busy Season Prep series: Big Picture MOM Setup Before A Busy Season

In leading up to the busy season, this webinar touches upon critical areas of your operation, that will allow you to be more effective and better prepared for issues that may come up.

We also made some revisions:

**Updated Support and Contact information for upcoming Busy Season 2016. **

***This webinar was first published Friday, August 21, 2015.*** For owners and managers (and anyone who wants a big picture view)...In next week's webinar, you'll see the "busy season problems" we hear most from MOM users. We'll share the big issues our clients have reported over the years so that YOU can minimize and avoid those issues entirely this year -- and every year going forward. high-level recommendations for: Ensuring shipping accuracy and setup. MOM settings to configure BEFORE your busy season strikes. Handling your inventory earlier to avoid problems later. Reconciling & accounting best practices. And more! click here to see the full webinar

Response to Authorize.net Akamai Sure Route email.
Product: MOM, SiteLINK
Click here to get more details.

PDF document with our response to Authorize.net's email about Akamai Sure Route.

Service Updates
Upcoming SiteLINK Go Live Blackout Dates
Product: SiteLINK

*updated 10/24/2017
Review the latest SiteLINK Go Live Blackout Dates on our KB: kb.dydacomp.com/article/AA-01138.

No SiteLINK Go Lives will be scheduled for dates between Friday 10/27/2017 and Monday 01/08/2018 without explicit approval, due to the typical retail season.

A "Go Live" is the date we've scheduled to upgrade or convert your live SiteLINK store to its updated version. Go Lives cover new SiteLINK stores, SiteLINK store upgrades, and SiteLINK SQL conversions.

Friday, October 27, 2017
9:00 AM
SiteLINK Server Reboot Select Servers
Product: MOM, SiteLINK

Reboot of select SiteLINK servers. Affected clients notified by email.

Update: 3:20a ET Reboots complete.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017
3:00 AM

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